Author Guidelines

Manuscript must be in Times New Roman, 12 font, 1 spacing.
The text should be divided into following sections: Abstract, Key-words, Introduction, Material & Methods, Results and conclusion, Acknowledgement and References.
Tables, diagrams and graphs must be given at the last after the references.
References must be typed in following order: Surname Name (Year). , Journal Name, Vol. Issue, Page No. (or Name of book, Publisher, Edition, Page No.)
Tripathi Rakesh, Dwivedi S.N. and Dwivedi Sumeet (2010). Ethno-medicinal plants used to treat gynecological disorders by tribal people of Madhya Pradesh, India. International Journal of Pharmacy & Life Sciences, 1(3):160-169.
Dwivedi Sumeet (2010). Herbal Oral Contraceptives, 1st Ed., Published by LAP, 23-45.
Manuscripts must be submitted through e-mail only.
The Editorial Board reserves the right to condense or make necessary changes in the research article.
Responsibility of the content rests upon the authors and not upon the Editor or publisher.

Publication Charges: Rs 3000/- per manuscript upto 6 Authors.

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Note: Charges submitted to the Organization are non refundable in any case
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